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The content on this Website was last updated in November 2012. At this time, no additional updates are planned. Descriptive information on electronic resources listed on ADAT, however, will be migrated to the CRL eDesiderata platform during the summer of 2015.

For more reviews and analysis of electronic resources and providers please visit eDesiderata.

Welcome to ADAT

The Academic Database Assessment Tool (ADAT) was designed to help libraries make informed decisions about investments in major bibliographic and full-text databases. It allows users to compare database title holdings, as well as key features of database and eBook content platforms.

JISC Collections initiated ADAT in 2006. Since its creation, ADAT was managed by DataSalon, a commercial service provider, under the auspices of JISC. DataSalon collected and aggregated source data from various providers and merged that data into a single database.

In November 2012, ADAT moved to a new home at the Center for Research Libraries (CRL), with a newly developed interface. ADAT is now a joint project supported by both CRL and JISC Collections (see the About page for more information).

  • Databases - Compare journal title coverage by major databases. View detailed descriptions and dashboard charts for each database.
  • Journals - Search for journal titles and find out which databases cover the journal.
  • Database Platforms - Compare key features of the most popular database platforms. View detailed description of each database platform.
  • eBook Platforms - Compare key features of the most popular eBook platforms. View detailed description of each eBook platform.